Here is a link to the imitable Brendan Power. Brendan recently invented a whole series of harmonicas called the Twin Harmonica System. Check out and follow Brendan below by following his link here:

Here is a link to Harmonicas Ireland Facebook page. Join in on the online conversation about all things harmonica and repairs and maintenance:

Check out Harmonicas Ireland and Cathal Johnson youtube link here:

Although Myspace has become not as popular as it once was Cathal still has his old link here:

If you would like to friend Cathal on Facebook click this link:

Cathal is one of several director of non profit trust, Louth Nature Trust. Cathal is passionate about nature and organises fundraisers in the form of concerts. A video of which can be found on his youtube channel above. Click the link below to find out more about LNT:

Geraldine Martin done the graphics on this website for Cathal. She is a very talented artist from Kavanagh country in Enniskeen. She also established the Harmonicas Ireland website and was webmaster for a time:

Paul Scollon is now webmaster for Harmonicas Ireland and he can be found on the following link. Paul comes highly recommended as a webmaster if anyone needs one, just click on his link:

Andy Irvine, a legend in Irish music with a lot of history check out Andy’s link here: